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Latest chapter of Bleach was a nice stroll down memory lane on how the head captain got his scar, his "name" and more about Chōjirō Sasakibe's bankai which is insanely strong. Head Captain jumped in battle in the last chapter to help Shūhei Hisagi. No word on the death toll expect that a few characters might be "dead" minus Sasakibe who is dead. Ichigo is still trapped and no update on who is attacking Kisuke Urahara or what Chad and Orihime are up to. Uryǔ has yet to appear and I wonder if he knew what was going on or maybe he'll come to Soul Society to help out. I still am yearning for more back story on how the Quincy and what started this war. Oh, Ken-chan is kicking major ass. He's now fighting the "king". Go Ken-Chan.

Torkio finally got better. The last chapter was a let down with them battling the four beasts far too easily. Now, it's getting good with the major monster simply learning from his past mistake and has the humans where he wants them which has the heroes rushing back. So, we see the monster has it's "vines" all over the town ready to eat the humans. It's just waiting I'm guessing. I hope that this battle arc is more intense and that we see more of the four heavenly kings evolved power.
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