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I'm no baker. I can do the basics of following the prepackaged brownie, cake and cookie mixes. I always wanted to learn and create treats but fear was holding me back. And, I just never had anyone to bake for either.

I wanted to do something for my little sister who is being nice to pick me up tomorrow so we can celebrate my birthday and our mom's birthday (tomorrow) together as a family. Last time we were together was Christmas of last year. I've seen my mom several times but not my sis. We also had a fight about her boyfriend so we weren't on speaking terms for months. The fact that she's doing this I wanted to bake something for her.

I first thought of doing chocolate chip cookies with oreos or even cheesecake brownie. The more I read into them the more it was out of my league. I decided to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. It sounded easy.

First batch, came out great. The smells were making me craving to eat it all. The taste was so yummy. You could taste the sweetness of the chocolate chips and peanut butter. However, I left it in a bit longer than I should and the bottom was brunt. Second batch, I made a few errors that I discovered after I eat one. I ended up with a flour cookie.

Now, I'm going to try it again and do a different recipe as well. I'm hoping I'll succeed.
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