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Been on the amazon hunt for older manga series that I once owned or read and want to add to my collection type deal.

1) Kare Kano - a former friend got me into this series and there was a AMV of it that was just amazing. Been slowly buying each week a few books here and there. Since I read it ages ago I just buying whatever volumes I can find. I should be done with it soon.

2) Toriko - I saw the anime episode featuring One Piece and thought it was cute than thought nothing of it again. On a whim I started reading it last week and became hooked. The Ice Hell arc is my favorite so far and I adore every character so far which is rare for me. I bought only volume two so far but I'll be buying more. Most likely I'll hit a book store though.

3) Alice 19th and Imadoki! are on my radar since they are super cute. I bought a bunch of volumes for both since it's a short series.

4) Shaman King - Bought the first few volumes today and will slowly work my way to owning all of it.

I'm looking for more manga though. It feels like my wish list is strictly manga.
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