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I'm no baker. I can do the basics of following the prepackaged brownie, cake and cookie mixes. I always wanted to learn and create treats but fear was holding me back. And, I just never had anyone to bake for either.

I wanted to do something for my little sister who is being nice to pick me up tomorrow so we can celebrate my birthday and our mom's birthday (tomorrow) together as a family. Last time we were together was Christmas of last year. I've seen my mom several times but not my sis. We also had a fight about her boyfriend so we weren't on speaking terms for months. The fact that she's doing this I wanted to bake something for her.

I first thought of doing chocolate chip cookies with oreos or even cheesecake brownie. The more I read into them the more it was out of my league. I decided to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. It sounded easy.

First batch, came out great. The smells were making me craving to eat it all. The taste was so yummy. You could taste the sweetness of the chocolate chips and peanut butter. However, I left it in a bit longer than I should and the bottom was brunt. Second batch, I made a few errors that I discovered after I eat one. I ended up with a flour cookie.

Now, I'm going to try it again and do a different recipe as well. I'm hoping I'll succeed.
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I really hate when you get into a series and they discontinue it. That's why I just refuse to buy new series because I have a few series that will never be finished. I also hate when you're reading a series online and the scanlation groups drops it. Pet peeves of fandom.


Aug. 25th, 2012 05:44 am
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I always had this notion that cooking was hard branded in my mind somehow so I never really bothered to learn. My mom always cooked for us and the food was just disgusting expect for her kale soup. Buttered down, watery goo and just made me utterly sick. My dad could cook but he rarely did unless he was in the mood. It wasn't until I moved out that I started to cook because I had to and the cooking wasn't all that great either. I had errors and still do but it's less now that I'm starting to enjoy cooking.

Last night, I made Chicken Parmesan for the first time last night. I should had taken a photo but I will when I make it again. I made it on a whim. No idea why but I was craving it. I had everything but the cheese to go on top so I used Parmesan cheese and sprinkled a heavy coat on and gave it additional 10 minutes before I took it out. I didn't think of starting the pasta until I put the food in the oven. Lesson learn. It came out really good and I have left overs for dinner tonight.
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Been on the amazon hunt for older manga series that I once owned or read and want to add to my collection type deal.

1) Kare Kano - a former friend got me into this series and there was a AMV of it that was just amazing. Been slowly buying each week a few books here and there. Since I read it ages ago I just buying whatever volumes I can find. I should be done with it soon.

2) Toriko - I saw the anime episode featuring One Piece and thought it was cute than thought nothing of it again. On a whim I started reading it last week and became hooked. The Ice Hell arc is my favorite so far and I adore every character so far which is rare for me. I bought only volume two so far but I'll be buying more. Most likely I'll hit a book store though.

3) Alice 19th and Imadoki! are on my radar since they are super cute. I bought a bunch of volumes for both since it's a short series.

4) Shaman King - Bought the first few volumes today and will slowly work my way to owning all of it.

I'm looking for more manga though. It feels like my wish list is strictly manga.

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Aug. 8th, 2012 06:32 am
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I made the switch from Lj to here. I still keep my lj for communities and for some friends. My journal is a mix of my various fandom to the daily grind of life. It's going to be 95% open with some friend only posts for more personal things.

Nice to meet everyone.


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